The quality path

What has always distinguished ORO Caffè is the attention to research, selection and care in the creation of fine coffee blends. The choice always focuses on coffees that have achieved the best evaluations, whatever their origin.

The ORO Caffè roasting company selects the best coffees from around the world to offer the unmistakable flavor of an Italian espresso, made to perfection.

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Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia and Thailand. It is in these countries that we select most of the green coffee beans that we use in our blends. Here, in fact, the best Arabica coffee in the world is grown, known for its sweet aroma. But our blends are balanced by the presence of Robusta beans from Vietnam and India, which give roundness and body to the coffee.

Everything we use is harvested with the handpicking method: by hand, grain by grain. Just as tradition dictates. Not only that, we are our most demanding customers! For this we have a precise procedure to verify the quality and the response with a taste profile: we taste numerous cups of coffee before proceeding with the purchase of a batch, verifying that the characteristics and taste are cataloged. In this way we guarantee the constancy and stability of our products over time.

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Our varieties of coffee beans are roasted one by one, to obtain the right roasting point.

We adopt a slow and complete roasting cycle with a duration of about 18 minutes to ensure uniform cooking of the beans, inside as well as outside.

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It is the perfect balance between sweetness, body and aroma that gives life to a great espresso. A single type of coffee, even if excellent, is not enough for this to happen. A real art with which different qualities of coffee with different aromatic and organoleptic characteristics are mixed together to find the perfect balance.

At ORO Caffè we proceed with the blending only after the roasting of each single type of coffee. Because if the blending took place before cooking, the various types of coffee would react differently to heat with a roasting result that is not homogeneous, not perfect.