India Arabica Mysore Nuggets single origin coffee

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Said to be “Bedouin coffee” as it is traditionally cultivated and sold to Bedouins living in the deserts of Arabia, who have always drunk fine coffees that they roast and drink at their oases. For their travelling needs, the green Mysore Nuggets coffee is packaged in special 10 kg bags. On the heights of the city of Mysore, 150 km from Bangalore, capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, this Arabica coffee is grown and is one of the best in the world. The “coffee of the Bedouin” comes from the most select coffee plantations, at the highest altitude at which coffee can be grown: 1700 m above sea level. This coffee is collected, sorted, selected and bagged by hand. It is a washed Arabica coffee, rated triple A, (AAA) a rarity for Indian coffees. A medium body coffee; sweet and aromatic with hints of tobacco and cocoa, aftertaste of malt and halzelnuts.

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Produced and packaged in italy by: oro caffe’ srl, via perugia 6, 33010 tavagnacco (ud)

Denomination of the product
Roasted coffee bean mixture

Net weight
250 gr

Special storage conditions
Store the product in a cool and dry place

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Weight0.25 kg