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A coffee of a green heart

Oro Caffé: Impeccably Roasted Coffee Since 1987

ORO CAFFÈ is an artisanal coffee roasting company producing coffee for the HO.RE.CA. food service sector, born in Udine over 30 years ago thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Stefano Toppano and Chiara De Nipoti.

We are suppliers of quality coffee for bars and restaurants wholesalers.

Today the company is led by the entire family thanks to the entry of the second generation: Elisa Marketing Manager and Ketty Operating Director and Canada Country Manager.

ORO CAFFÈ carefully selects, roasts and blends the best qualities of Arabica in the world to produce over 10 different blends dedicated to bars and restaurants.

The daily production of artisanal coffee roasting reaches 6 thousand kg of coffee beans, we are coffee suppliers for two thousand bars in Italy.

As a coffee roaster we have also created a closed system of espresso coffee capsules.

The Italian artisan roastery, located in Tavagnacco – in the province of UDINE – has been distributing overseas since 1989, where as a coffee roaster for bars and restaurants is present in over 40 countries and has a direct branch in Toronto (Canada) and a direct branch in Speyer (Germany).

Since 2009 in the “ORO CAFFÈ Academy”, a complete and in-depth barista training on culture and techniques of coffee preparation is available, with courses in cafeteria and Latte Art.

Since 2013, committing to “Beyond Fair Trade” project for the first time in Europe, the ORO CAFFÈ coffee roasting company syarts to integrate 100% Arabica Thai coffee Doi Chaang into its precious blends.

In 2014, the artisanal coffee roasting ORO CAFFÈ is a founding member of the “Consortium for the protection of traditional Italian espresso”.

Since March 2015 ORO CAFFÈ has been present on the international market with 6 coffee shops ADORO CAFFE‘, a project born with the aim of spreading the culture of Italian espresso and coffee in Italy and around the world.

The quality espresso coffee of the artisanal roasting company ORO CAFFÈ, may also be enjoyed at home, buying coffee online was never so easy: there is a wide selection of ground coffees, specialty and exclusive 100% Arabica single origin coffees, capsules compatible with the Nespresso system, with Lavazza EP and with the ORO CAFFÈ brand capsule machine.