Home-brewed coffee with the Moka pot is an art that everyone should learn. Only the right coffee, however, will allow you to enjoy a cup with the same aroma and flavour you enjoy at a café.

Choose your favourite Ground Coffee in different formats and treat yourself to a moment of pure pleasure at home.

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Ground Coffee not only for the Moka

According to Italian tradition, ground coffee is mainly used at home with the Moka, but did you know that it can also be used to make excellent filter coffee with the Chemex Coffeemaker?
his definitely produces a longer drink (not the classic espresso in a cup) and requires slightly more time for brewing, but it guarantees a unique taste experience in exchange.

For Moka or filter coffee, we offer the following:
- Prezioso Ground Coffee 250 g
- Prezioso Ground Coffee 500 g
100% Arabica Ground Coffee 250 g