Our fine blends are also available in Coffee Capsules, to savour the aromas and flavours that only our fine blends can provide, easily recognisable by the medium roast, which is essential not to alter the delicate aromas that define our coffee.

These capsules are only compatible with the Oro Caffè machines: the Allegra Capsule machine and previous models.

We also offer barley, ginseng and tea capsules for people who want to be pampered at any time of the day.

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All the flavours of ORO Caffè capsules

Thanks to the coffee capsules available in this category, you will have a great Italian espresso in your home at all times.

In fact, with the coffee machine and a wide variety of craft coffee options, you will never be without the same espresso you enjoy at a café. You can choose from:

- 15 100% Arabica Capsules

- 120 100% Arabica Capsules economy pack

- 15 Decaffeinated Capsules

- 120 Decaffeinated Capsules economy pack

- 15 Intenso Capsules

- 120 Intenso Capsules economy pack

- 15 Premium Capsules

- 120 Premium Capsules economy pack

- 15 Prezioso Capsules

- 120 Prezioso Capsules economy pack

- 60 Ginseng Capsules

- 60 Barley Capsules

- 60 Lemon Tea Capsules