We produce a wide range of blends, from 100% Arabica single-origin, as well as capsules.

We are proud to offer a unique taste experience in every cup, thanks to our selection of only high-quality coffees. Choose from our delicious blends, available in beans or ground, or savour the pure taste of a 100% Arabica single-origin coffee, also available in capsules.

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The degrees of roasting

Every coffee bean is roasted exclusively at our production site in Tavagnacco where the coffee roasting headquarters are located.
This process is applied slowly and delicately, and the timing respects all the organoleptic properties of the Coffee beans. With this care, a properly roasted bean is achieved, which takes on a "monk's robe" colour. The main roasting unit in our roasting plant is a state-of-the-art "green" machine. With this equipment, one of only a handful in Italy, we manage to reduce dust to 10 ppm, well below the European regulation of 5 ppm and the national one fixed at 200 ppm.

The roasting of espresso coffee, traditionally known as "monk's robe", is not as dark as many people think, but rather corresponds to a medium roast that does not burn the beans and maintains the aromas of the essential oils inside them.

Compared to the dark roast, light roasting enhances acidity and is preferable for filter coffees where pressure is not used for extraction. This is a delicate method that allows all the aromas of the extracted coffee to be savoured without highlighting the acidity, which otherwise would be emphasised in the preparation of an espresso, a caffè macchiato or a cappuccino.

Depending on the type of coffee beans, the roasting process changes. Every bean, in fact, features various degrees of hardness and size, which is why in our artisan roasting plant we have studied and defined the best roasting process for each type of raw ingredient.

Generally speaking, the process lasts between 14 and 18 minutes, during which ORO Caffè's quality control system guarantees that all the beans are roasted evenly while maintaining gentleness and care throughout the process. While roasting, the coffee loses weight and gains volume and, depending on the processing and type of product, the highest levels of aroma can be achieved immediately or after a period of rest.
Coffees that release their best qualities as soon as they are roasted, for example, are best suited for filter coffee. By contrast, beans that require a resting period are ideal for espresso coffee. During this resting process, it is important that the beans remain dry, and that no essential oils are lost, so that they will only release their flavour in the espresso cup.