Welcome to the world of 100% Arabica Single Origin Coffees. These special coffees will give you a unique and authentic experience, where each cup of coffee encapsulates the history and culture of a specific place. Some of the single-origins we offer are Specialty Coffees. The definition of speciality coffee begins at the origins of the process, when the plantations decide to use a particular botanical variety from a particular production area of the world. The term therefore essentially refers to the finest coffees, those made with beans from the highest quality plants and roasted in a unique way. During roasting, in fact, all the aromatic potential is released, which our expert roasters are able to bring out to the full in order to best express the different characteristics of these coffees. They are unique coffees, always different from each other and possessing such personality in the cup that it is impossible not to appreciate them. The Specialty Coffees are highly rated and are the result of a very strict selection of beans from a single plantation Don't miss the chance to taste the true essence of coffee and order your 100% Arabica Single Origin Coffee now.

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The best way to enjoy Single Origin Coffee?

The best way to enjoy Single Origin Coffee?
Certainly delicious with the Moka, this type of coffee is also particularly well suited to be enjoyed filtered.
Filter coffee refers to a special form of extraction that is collected in a glass flask named Chemex, and it is achieved by "percolating" hot water through ground coffee positioned in a paper filter. The water passes through the blend and the filter, and with patience, you will be treated to a beverage that can release unrivalled aromas.

We offer the following Single Coffee:

- Guatemala 100% Arabica Single-origin coffee

- Brazil 100% Arabica Single-origin coffee

- Peru 100% Arabica Single-origin coffee

- Ethiopia 100% Arabica Single-origin coffee

- Mantiqueira 100% Arabica Single-origin coffee