For our range of Capsules and Pods compatible with Lavazza Ep machines, we go from the stronger, more engaging taste of Espresso capsules to the pure, velvety aroma of 100% Arabica.

Ginseng Coffee, Barley Capsules and Decaffeinated Coffee complete our offer.

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Lavazza EP compatible capsules or pods? Clarifying the facts

We often hear people call Lavazza Espresso Point compatible pods what are actually Lavazza Espresso Point compatible capsules.

First of all, how do we recognise capsules from pods? Let's try to shed some light.

In general, capsules are usually made from plastic and once they have been used, you can empty them of the used coffee and then dispose of them in the plastic recycling bin.
Pods, meanwhile, are manufactured from cotton fabric and, once used, can be entirely recycled as organic waste.

We produce compatible Capsules as well as Pods made from fabric and therefore biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

- 150 Espresso Coffee Lavazza Compatible Capsules

- 50 Ginseng Coffee Lavazza Compatible Capsules

- 50 Barley Lavazza Compatible Capsules

- 150 100% Arabica Lavazza Compatible Capsules

- 50 Decaffeinated Lavazza Compatible Capsules