Mantiqueira Azul Brazil

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Citrus and dark chocolate notes
Limited series: only n. 100 units in GRAINS (250 gr each).
MANTIQUEIRA AZUL BRAZIL 100% ARABICA comes from the region of Mantiqueira de Minas is located in the Minas Gerais side of the Serra da Mantiqueira, in the southern part of Brazil.

With a centuries-old tradition of producing high quality coffee, Mantiqueira de Minas is now considered one of the most awarded regions in Brazil. In 2011 it was recognized as a Geographical Indication (GI), in the Indication of Origin (PGI) mode for its tradition and worldwide fame of producing coffee specialties with a very different sensorial profile. In addition, in June 2020 this region obtained the prestigious “Nomination of Origin” certification – the second in all of Brazil to have achieved it.

MANTIQUEIRA AZUL BRASIL is a single origin 100% Arabica of medium body, with a clean taste and pleasant acidity.

  • Origin: Minas Gerais of the Serra da Mantiqueira, Brazil
  • Altitude: 1,200 mt
  • Variety: Yellow catuai
  • Process: pulped natural

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Produced and packaged in italy by: oro caffe’ srl, via perugia 6, 33010 tavagnacco (ud)

Denomination of the product
Roasted coffee bean mixture

Net weight
150 gr

Special storage conditions
Store the product in a cool and dry place

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Weight 0,25 kg