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Glass Carafe for Filter Coffee

Chemex 3 cup Coffeemaker - capacity approximately 500 ml.
It is a glass carafe in the shape of an hourglass, clamped at the waist by a type of wooden belt that allows the Coffeemaker to be held.
A true masterpiece of design, so stylish that it was exhibited at the MOMA in New York.

Developed in 1941 by Peter J. Schlumbohm, a German chemist living in New York, and initially used as a medical instrument, it was later revived for the preparation of coffee, gaining great success all over the world.

How is this filter coffee prepared? Simply place a paper filter in the opening (you can order filters HERE), pour the right amount of ground coffee (coarse, for filter coffee) and slowly pour boiling water over the top in a circular motion.

The shape of the carafe enables oxygenation that allows the aromas to develop and release their full potential.

Compared to the speed with which espresso is prepared at home with capsules, the concept of the value of time linked to the enjoyment of a beverage, such as coffee in this case, comes alive once again.