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Fresh and Light

The coffees that make up this blend are sourced from plantations in India. In the cup, the decaffeinated Springtime blend produces an ochre cream with a fine texture.
The aroma has the pungency of a strong coffee combined with the lightness of decaffeination.
On tasting, we notice a slight acidity and vigour, with a very fresh aftertaste.
The amount of caffeine is less than 0.07%.
A coffee blend that provides fullness and taste without caffeine and therefore is suitable even in the evening and at all hours of the day.

These capsules are only compatible with the ALLEGRA machine and its previous models (...INO) by ORO Caffè.

  • Quantity: 15 capsules compatible with the Allegra machine and its previous models
  • Produced in Italy by: Oro Caffè srl, via Perugia 6, 33010 Tavagnacco (UD)
  • Food designation: a blend of ground Coffee in capsules
  • Net weight: 6 grams per capsule
  • Special storage conditions: store the product in a cool and dry place.