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1 litre iSi Nitro stainless steel SIPHON

To prepare cold Coffee and cocktails with the iSi Nitro Whip siphon, simply add nitrogen (N2), which triggers a spectacular cascading siphon effect for a unique, attractive and very personal drink. Nitrogen creates a creamy, velvety texture and a long-lasting frothy top for infusions and cocktails in no time, with very few ingredients.
Description: The 1-litre stainless steel iSi Nitro Whip siphon allows fresh products to be dispensed per portion: the closed system designed by iSi allows beer, for example, to retain its qualities for several days in the refrigerator. Here are the main features of Nitro Whip:

  • dishwasher safe and guaranteed for 2 years;
  • only suitable for cold applications up to a maximum of 30°C/86°F;
  • professional use, stainless steel and NSF-approved cap and cylinder;
  • high-grade silicone gasket, with a removal tab, for prompt and hygienic cleaning;
  • non-slip silicone grip cap and a fixed stainless steel valve for simple dispensing for all Nitro infusion applications.
Refills NOT included, sold separately.
Perfect for Freeze Cold Coffee.